Engineered artificial turf systems for all levels of play.

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Integrity of the turf system makes the difference.

Performance of your artificial turf field depends on the integrity of the entire turf system. Many turf manufacturers focus just on the synthetic fiber. While fiber is important, it’s only one component. At Shaw, engineers design artificial turf systems that excel in safety, dimensional stability and wear resistance.

Artificial turf designed around performance.

Not all turf manufacturers can show you how they measure field performance.

Shaw Sports Turf scientifically tests athlete and surface interaction, and ball and Turf cross sectionsurface interactions to ensure the right combination of safety, durability and performance. Shaw looks at turf engineering differently by starting with these criteria then engineering systems around the results.

What Shaw measures to determine the performance of a turf system.

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Vertical Deformation: Measures the athlete’s foot stability on the surface; the more firm the surface, the faster the athlete can run and turn direction.
Vertical Ball Rebound: Measures the natural bounce of a ball simulating its position after being kicked into the air.
Rotational Resistance: Measures the torque required to rotate a set of cleats through a 90 degree turn through the surface.
G-MAX: Measures height impact interaction between the athlete and the surface
Ball Roll: Measures the distance and speed of a ball when passed from one player to another.
Force Reduction: Measures the amount of the impact force that is transferred to the athlete compared to running on concrete..

When it comes to artificial turf fields, one size does not fit all.

Medallion does not believe that one artificial turf system is right for every sports facility. A field should be designed to the purpose and needs of each sports facility. That’s why Medallion offers many different families of turf systems, each with its own distinct benefits. The key is to first assess the type of programs at the sport facility and determine what is important.

Specifying the right artificial turf system may depend upon several factors:

  • Safety
  • Types of sports/activities played
  • Amount of hours used
  • Performance requirements (i.e. ball roll and ball bounce)
  • Aesthetics
  • Infill control

Why Shaw Sports Turf?

Medallion believes that the products we install are just as important as our industry-renowned service.

Shaw Sports Turf has the reputation of being a leader of engineered, synthetic turf fields in the industry. With a combined 9 million square feet of synthetic turf, Medallion and Shaw Sports Turf have surpassed all others as the leading resource for athletic fields in the southeast.

5 Reasons why Shaw Sports Turf is an industry leader:

  • World’s largest carpet manufacturer
  • Wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. (That’s Warren Buffet folks!)
  • Vertically integrated manufacturing for complete control of product quality
  • Over 1000 fields in play
  • One of the largest and most advanced sports science laboratories in the U.S

Artificial turf field performance requires the best installation expertise.

When it comes to quality and durability, a Shaw Sports Turf system is among the best available, which is why you need the proven installation experience of Medallion to keep your field performing at its best.

When you choose Medallion, you’re getting a dynamic team with deep industry experience, technical knowledge, and a disciplined drive to provide quality results for your athletic facilities and surfacing needs.

Also, Medallion has the unique ability to oversee your artificial turf field installation from start to finish.

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